About WGLC & the WGL Network

The 11th Women's Global Leadership Conference will be held November 4-5, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Houston, Houston, TX

What is the Women's Global Leadership Conference?

Since 2005, the mission of the Women’s Global Leadership Conference is to provide a global gathering for women leaders to meet and discuss issues surrounding leadership in the energy industry. Targeted specifically to matters of female leadership, the conference strives to provide meaningful discussion on all aspects of responsible stewardship ranging from energy security and geopolitics to personal career development.

The Women’s Global Leadership Network

Launched on the first day of the 2007 Conference, the new website aptly named the Women’s Global Leadership Network was created in keeping with the Conference’s mission. At the moment, our objective is to distribute information that is important to our attendees including spotlighting women in the news.

The long-term goal of this site will be to provide a virtual gathering place for women leaders to meet and discuss issues surrounding leadership. Built as an extension of the successful event, please check back frequently for news and updates on the upcoming conference.

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